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Why LED Light boxes ?

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  • 13th May 2014

So maybe you’re an artist. Maybe you’re a home decorator searching for a new look. But most likely you’re a small business owner, looking for a new and exciting way to sell your product. Well with LED Light boxes, it’s now very possible, much more possible than with the old design of fluorescent lights. But what are LED Light boxes? And why are they the best? Well that’s what I’ll be showing you today.

led lightboxes - Assigns

What is a Light Box?

A light box is exactly what it sounds like, a box full of lights. These are generally and most commonly used as picture frames by placing a picture or poster in the frame and turning on the box. This then lights the picture up to create a futuristic, bright and eye catching design. Light Boxes come in a variety of designs, ranging from a simple light box, to a curved design, to menu cases and menu stands. Another common light box design is the simple Light Tower, making a large poster or advertisement stand out.

What is an LED Light Box?

LED Light Boxes utilize LED’s instead of bulky fluorescent tubes. Previously the fluorescent lights would burn out, be costly to replace, and look somewhat dim and cheap, but with LED’s, this all changes. LED’s are Light emitting diodes, but LED for short. LED’s are simply fantastic because of their much lower energy cost, a longer lifetime, smaller size, and faster switching on and off, as well as an easy repair once a bulb does go out. Not to mention they are ten times brighter than a normal light bulb. So combine these amazing lights with the Light Box, and you have a cheap, efficient way to advertise your products.

Image LED Light box for EE - Assigns

What are LED Light Boxes for?

LED Light Boxes are used most commonly for advertising. How? Light Boxes can be used for any type of signage. They can have any picture put inside of them, which equals the coolest advertisement in town. Once you insert your photo and turn on the box, automatically it looks like you just spent thousands creating an extremely high end sign, when Light Boxes are actually very cheap!

What can I use LED Light Boxes for?

Anything you want. If you go with a simple flat Light Box, you could place various photos, depending on the time of the year. For instance, if you have a large sale in your store, you could create a sign that states the clearance, and with the eye catching design, you would be sure to be successful. Or if you own a restaurant, perhaps use this for your menu! With bright and energy efficient lights, this could run all day and be very helpful. Simply place your restaurant menu inside the frame and it’s done! LED Light Boxes can also be used anywhere! With an easy wall hanger located on the back of the product, they can easily be placed on any wall, anywhere. They can be put in your shop window, or perhaps placed around your business with prices and information.

Backlit LED Panels

Image Light Lightbox for EE - 2095mm x 730mm

What can Light Boxes do for my Business?

Light Boxes offer a new way to sell your products as a store owner. They are bright 24/7, and especially at night they stand out no matter where you are. They always catch the eye of customers and promote you. Whether it’s advertising, a menu or maybe even your store title, Light Boxes are the most unique way to have good signage.

Large Format LED Displays

Why are LED Light Boxes better for my Business than Fluorescent Light Boxes?

Why LED? Well, think about it. You own a business with a low amount of employees and you’re all busy throughout the work day. You don’t have time to mess around with electronics. Your main concern is selling those products. So you see Light Boxes, and they look appealing. You know they would draw business in and catch the eye. However, you’re not very tech savvy and you don’t want to mess around with replacing large and dangerous fluorescent bulbs all the time. That’s why LED is better. It requires no work to set up besides putting your poster in and plugging the sign in. It also saves massive amounts of cash on electricity, and they almost never burn out! And when they do, they are very simple to replace.

But overall, LED Light Boxes are the way to go. With brighter bulbs, easy setup and low electricity costs, LED Light Boxes are the ultimate way to create great signage.

LED Light boxes

Our slimmest Lightbox. Utilising the latest LED technology it produces a crisp, even light while using far less energy than a conventional fluorescent tube equivalent Light Boxes.

LED Light Box - Assigns

– 25/32mm snap frame poster holder

– 25mm overall depth

– Low voltage LED illumination

– Internal use only

All of our Lightbox products can be customised to suit your own requirements, including bespoke sizes and paint finishes. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your ideas.

– LED Lightbox Sizes: A4 – 25mm Plug, A3 – 25mm Plug, A2 – 25mm Plug, A1 – 25mm Plug, A0 – 32mm In-Line (other sizes available to order)

View Light box

T5 Edgelit Light box

T5 fluorescent tube Light Boxes provide a high level of evenly spread illumination. Produced to the highest standards and incorporating our superior quality T5 Edgelit Lightbox snap frame poster holder.

T5 Edelit Lightbox - Assigns

– Snap Frame poster holder

– Fitted with electronic ballasts

– T5 fluorescent tubes

– Double sided also available (min order applies)

– Colours: Silver (other finishes available to order)

– Internal use only

This unit is manufactured to order and is perfect for double sided window applications.

View Light box

Curved Front Light box

This Curved Front Lightbox unit has excellent light dispersal creating maximum visual impact in interior locations and its clever shape increases the visibility of the Curved Front Lightbox unit.

Curved front Lightbox - Assigns

– Flat back with a curved front

– Fluorescent tube illumination

– Electronic ballasts

– Front opening snap frame down each edge

– Internal use only

– Lightbox Sizes: A3, A2, A1, A0

Bespoke sizes available to order.

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LED Light Tower

A fluorescent tube illuminated, double sided Light Tower unit with a heavy steel base for stability and aluminium snap frame sides for ease of use.

LED Light Tower, Lightbox - Assigns

– Heavy steel base

– Aluminium snap frame front profile

– Double sided

Standard sizes:

1700mm tall x 600mm wide (1 tube)

1700mm tall x 800mm wide (2 tubes)

Bespoke sizes available to order.

View Light box

Lockable Illuminated Menu Case

The Lockable Illuminated Menu Case is illuminated from the sides, in front of the menu, which is mounted on a white aluminium panel recessed in the rear of the case.

Lockable Illuminated menu case lightbox - Assigns

– LED illumination

– 50mm profile locking hinged door

– Overall depth approx 35mm

– Aluminium construction

– 2mm Polycarbonate window

– Internal or external use

– Menu Case Colours: Silver

– Menu Case Sizes: A4, A3

Bespoke sizes available to order.

Made to order: please allow 7-10 days for delivery

View Light box

LED Floorstanding Menu Case

LED Floorstanding Menu Case is illuminated from the top, in front of the menu, with a heavy metal base and aluminium leg. The LED Floorstanding Menu Case can be used outdoors but the transformer must be housed indoors.

LED Floorstanding Menu Display lightbox - Assigns

– LED illumination

– 50mm profile locking hinged door

– Overall depth approx 35mm

– Aluminium construction

– 2mm Polycarbonate window

– Internal or external use



Bespoke sizes available to order

View Light box

Backlit Light boxes

Backlit lightboxes offer great versatility: available in 3 different case depths with a choice of five different snap frame options or locking doors. They can be specified with fluorescent tubes or LED illumination.

Backlit Lightboxes - Assigns

Snap frame or lockable door options

LED or fluorescent tube illumination

Can be specified for outdoor applications

Can be manufactured in almost any size

Powder coated finishes available

With so many options to choose from, our backlit lightboxes are the most versatile illuminated displays in our range. Call us to discuss your requirements.

View Light box

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems in both standard and customised formats and sizes. Our range of Retail Display Stands is designed to enable retailers to get their products and services noticed on all levels, whatever the retail environment.

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