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Versatile Point-of-Sale Displays to Increase Sales

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  • 3rd October 2013

Frugal customers may come into your shop with a list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t persuade them to buy something extra. If you rely on shelve displays in aisles, you can lose the opportunity to market those visitors who come in, grab an item, and leave – without once going down that aisle!

Point-of-sale displays are far more versatile at being at the right place at the right time to increase your sales by carefully locating them where they are hard to miss. They can be used with colourful banners or posters to draw attention. They remain up for as long as you want and are easily dismantled or moved, if the need arises.

The Versatility of Point-of-Sale Displays

assigns Point-of-Sale Displays

Anticipate Your Customer’s Needs

The checkout line is one place where you have a captive audience. It’s also one of the best places for a point-of-sale display for snacks or candies, drinks, and last minute items. Refrigerated displays are perfect for hot days when people are thirsty and want to grab a drink on their way out. You can use other types of point-of-sale displays to place seasonal items that might be good to have later, but not necessarily on a list, like cough drops or swimming goggles. Point-of-sale displays are so versatile they can take up a small space on an unused countertop, being right in front of the customer when they have money in their hands. Hang them on blank wall areas or even from the ceiling. There are a number of different types of point-of-sale displays available for any empty space in the store. While you don’t want your customers bumping their head or their knees, if they happen to do so most displays are strong enough to take a knock or two without falling over.

Point of Sale Display customer flow chart

Stop Them in Their Tracks

While a customer may not go down a specific aisle, they will generally walk the periphery of the store. That makes point-of-sale displays at the end of each aisle particularly hard to miss. Add a bunch of colour banners and posters and they will get attention, whether the customer is carrying a list and trying to stick to it or not. This type of point-of-sale display provides a wider area to draw attention and can help to highlight specials that you want to push out the door. They can be great for two-for-one pricing or bulk sales that just don’t fit at the front of the store. The best displays entertain, inform, and sell your customers in a way they find amusing, or at least interesting.

point-of-sale in store displays

Follow the Money

One way to see how effective product placement is with point-of-sale displays is to follow the money. Which display got the most attention and the most sales? If you find it is because of its particular location, then you might want to put your pricier point-of-sale display offerings there. If they require a different type of display, it’s not hard to take down the old display and replace it with a new one. Consider putting in a clear plastic display in that area where you get the most traffic and conversions so that people can see an item in its full glory from every angle. Add a few lights, a little showmanship, and you have products that can literally sell themselves, especially if the point-of-sale display is an automatic dispenser.

Point-of-sale displays are not all cardboard and wires, there are all sorts of different types of displays available that can include refrigeration, lights, or even vending machines. When properly placed around your store, they offer you various opportunities to grab a visitor’s attention and convert that into a sale. Without them, your store could be missing many chances to get the customer to reach deep into their pockets for cash for items that are not on their list in the first place.

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