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Standing up Against Winter: Stormforce Pavement and Forecourt Signs

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  • 25th November 2015

This winter, forecasters have predicted everything from wet and windy weather through to slightly below average temperatures, and on to fierce snowstorms and freezing temperatures that could affect food stocks…so they’re pretty much covered.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that it’s not going to be warm and sunny. As a result, however it eventually turns out, you’re going to need your point of sale signs to be well-made, heavy and extremely durable.


The weather is something that is unfortunately out of our control, despite our best efforts, but well-made, heavy and durable signage that will be able to withstand the best of what nature offers; that we can help with.

Our Stormforce forecourt signs are the flagship product of Assigns and are tough, robust and ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

Manufactured using stronger material than many of our competitors they feature heavy water-filled bases to protect against theft and help them remain upright in strong winds. All Stormforce signs come with front opening profiles or magnetic closure systems, making the task of changing posters quick and easy. Model variants also feature additional robust-enhancing features such as ABS kick resistant back panels and spring mounted tops.

The range encompasses:
Stormforce PRO
Ready for the worst that winter has, the Stormforce PRO is moulded from polyethylene and features a heavy, water filled base, an APET magnetic front sheet and a magnetic closure system for quick and easy poster change.

Stormforce PRO

Stormforce mini-PRO

The Stormforce mini-PRO is the ideal solution for busy high streets with limited space. Its strength is provided by an injection moulded frame, a solid base fitted with a double walled polythene water pouch and a heavy duty back panel.



Stormforce II

The Stormforce II is the highest quality pavement and forecourt sign of its type currently available. Featuring a robust sprung top, heavy water filled base, ABS kick resistant back panel and an APET front sheet, the Stormforce II is a true titan in pavement advertising.


Stormforce Basic
A robust static top section, weighty water filled base and ABS kick resistant back panel ensures that the Stormforce Basic is a tough, durable and sturdy solution to all year round pavement signage.



Stormforce Economy

The Stormforce Economy retains the same strength, durability and build qualities of all the other Stormforce pavement and forecourt signs in the range, but utilises some clever design tweaks and cost saving measures to ensure maximum value for money.



All the Stormforce forecourt signs come with a one-year guarantee, and are available in standard or bespoke formats and sizes, so whatever you’re requirements, there’ll be a Stormforce sign for you.

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