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Small Business & Retail Point of Sale Tips

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  • 21st February 2014

With so much competition in the retail markets, it is important that small business do all that they can to maximize their sales. And while it may be expensive to compete with some of the larger brands when it comes to shelf space, point of sale displays are a great way to boost your revenues. That said, point of sale displays need to be unique and creatively planned so that they gain the attention of consumers, especially those who may not be specifically looking to purchase your products.

Retail POS Tips

Retail Point of Sale Displays - Assigns

Be Creative
As alluded to above, creative is key with point of sale marketing. You want something that stands out to people and really grabs their attention, rather than something that people overlook or just sidestep while they are picking up other necessities on their shopping list. In most cases, creative color schemes and designs will be the first thing that pop out to people. Even if your packaging or branding isn’t what people would consider appealing, you have the opportunity to change that with a POS stand. It also doesn’t hurt to include graphics, as this will give people a better idea of what your product is used for and how they can use it themselves.

The Right Type Of Display
If you think your options are limited to a standing point of sale display, then you certainly should rethink your strategy. Although standing point of sale displays are most common, you also have the option of hanging displays as well. Hanging displays are good for seasonal products or promotions, as they draw people in for that particular purpose. For example, having stockings hanging from a point of display during the Christmas season really stands out to people, even if you aren’t selling stockings. Even if you opt for standing displays, there are still plenty of options there as well, you may just have to be a bit more creative. One perfect example of creativity is a revolving POS display, which takes up more space and also allows customers to interact with the display and your product.

Maximize The Space
No mater what type of display you choose to go with, it is vital that you use all of the space you possibly can. After all, if your products start flying off the shelf, the last thing you want is for things to be empty and for people to not be able to get your product. Rotating displays are great for maximizing space, as you can utilize each side of a multi-sided display. For those that are using only one side, whether it’s standing or hanging, be sure that you have plety of shelf space where you can store all of your product. It also doesn’t hurt to have storage built into the display, so that you can restock any products that get purchased in a hurry.

Use Technology
For those that know how to use them, QR codes can be a great way to further sales with the use of a point of sale display. Often times, customers want more information about a particular item or line or products. If you offer that information to them directly with a QR code on your display, they can quickly scan it and find the information that they need. Furthermore, QR codes are an ideal way to get customers to opt-in to sharing information with you. By having them opt-in to an email list or other method of contact, you can communicate more often with the customer about future promotions and useful information about your company.

Limit Theft
No matter what you do with your point of sale display, be sure that you set it up somewhere that will be able to observe and limit potential theft. Although POS displays are just as easily to have products stolen from them as any other item on a shelf, the attraction that you are hoping to garner from your display will likely bring more attention. With more attention also comes the potential for more theft. Some theft can’t be avoided, but by keeping a keen eye on the display, you can attempt to avoid some of it.

Point of sale displays can work wonders for a company or brand that is trying to maximize its sales efforts. And by considering the tips here, you can draw even more attention to the displays that you set up.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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