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Reviewing Sharp’s Large-Format LED Displays

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  • 7th May 2014

Ensuring a large display works well in indoor signage applications requires clarity of colour, superior contrast, and other compelling factors. It’s with industry-specific features that we separate capable though average monitors from stunning displays capable of broadcasting on-screen messages from any angle or height. Looking specifically at the Sharp PN-R range of large-format LED displays, this major screen manufacturer is set on dominating the indoor signage market by offering a combination of versatility, brilliantly clear image, and practical features. These go beyond large screen dimensions and high-definition displays, offering assets that target 24/7 use in commercial environments.

Sharps Large-Format LED Displays

Large Format LED Displays

Versatile Advertising Performance
Whether the display is intended for the climate-controlled environs of a high-street bank or a massive indoor shopping centre, there’s an ideal size and aspect of presentation from the Sharp PN-R line. The PN-R903, at a monstrous 90″ screen size, and the PN-R603, 60″ of high-definition display, act as bookends to the third entry, the middle ground PN-R703 and its more than satisfactory 70″ of stunning advertising real-estate. Add to these three large sizes the handy option to mount the monitors in either a portrait or landscape display format, and poster-themed advertising or familiar television style displays are a breeze. When passing a PN-R903 set on its shorter edge, crowds will see displayed figures at their actual size, a full-scale rendering in 90″ of Sharp technology.

Single and Multiple Displays
Creating a scene from many a music video, these large-format Sharp displays can work wonders as solo monitors, but they’re also equipped to become companions for additional screens, positioned next to each other to create a complex tile of video, a dazzling video wall built from already mammoth screens. It’s the ultimate way of drawing customers, but multiple displays may quickly empty the wallet of whoever has the courage and flare to adopt such a creation.

Displays to Combat Commercial Surroundings
Indoor signage displays deal with many issues, from the glare of sunshine through large shopping center windows to the difficulty of operating in areas that are already over-loaded with visual stimuli. Cutting through the distractions takes engineering and common sense smarts. A 1080p resolution in each of the monitors in this Sharp signage lineup ensures digital clarity, but what of glare and bright indoor lighting? This is partially resolved by edge-lit LED backlighting technology in the lower two models, and by the incorporation of full-array LED backlighting with local dimming technology in the high-end model, the PN-R903, delivering a deep-depth contrast rating of 1,000,000:1. That should get everyone’s attention as they drift from shop to shop.

Looking at Additional Features
Making signage displays attractive to potential buyers means more than offering a massive screen with superb clarity. There are practical issues to consider too. The rear of each of these low-profile displays is comprehensively equipped with the latest standards for connectivity as well as older standards, so the old video cables in that ancient hotel will have no trouble hooking up to the screen. Two HDMI connectors, DVI-I input, DVI-D output, RS232 port, DisplayPort input/output, and included audio outputs keep each model at the cutting-edge of connectivity. There’s also an incorporated LAN RJ-45 port and 10W stereo speakers.

Connectors aside, each model is designed for the signage industry and must be able to operate on the schedule of the commercial structure where it’s installed. Energy-efficiency is key in this kind of 24/7 scenario. This is an oft overlooked feature in home entertainment monitors, but one that’s critical if indoor signage displays are to fulfill their potential and be turned on for extended periods. Energy consumption is substantially reduced without affecting performance by use of LED dimming technology, edge-lit in the case of the lower two models and locally-dimmed in the flagship model, the PN-R903, a behemoth that stands at 6’8″ tall when configured for portrait operation.

Built tough for indoor signage usage, these three models from Sharp are designed to capture the attention of an audience in even the most crowded setting. Low energy consumption and ample connectors make them a tempting proposition for budget-conscious building owners looking to advertise their wares.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems in both standard and customised formats and sizes. Our range of Retail Display Stands is designed to enable retailers to get their products and services noticed on all levels, whatever the retail environment.

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