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Retail Displays that Engage and Guide the Consumer

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  • 3rd July 2014

There isn’t a second chance to make a first impression. The same goes for retail displays. A consumer should be able to perceive the companies main intent of the display at first glance. That glance should entice the consumer to seek more information and ultimately result in a purchase. For this reason it is the retailers responsibility to have that information readily available. That is a main ingredient for satisfactory customer service.

Retail Displays - Retail Point-of-sale

Modern technology has made consumer engagement easier than ever with user friendly interactive displays and stunning visuals. Unfortunately, this also means that the competition is tougher and it is becoming increasingly harder to impress the target audience. The way to overcome this is to stay resourceful and to keep up with the trends. Everything is constantly changing and the world of business has to change with it in order to achieve continued success. Here are a few ways to stay ahead.

Engaging Retail Displays

Touch Screen Craze

Clothing retailers have a grand opportunity to use computer apps to engage the consumers on a higher level. Almost every consumer tries to imagine how a particular piece may look with certain accessories or how the entire outfit will look on him or her. Retailers should consider placing a touchscreen model catalog, perhaps on a nearby podium, adjacent to the display that allows the customer to mix and match different variations on a virtual model. This provides the consumer the opportunity to learn more about the product as well have a visual for how the outfit will come together while cutting out the guesswork.

Retail Displays - Touch Screen

Staying on the Move

Nothing catches the eye like something shiny or bright. Miniature marquee signs are classic but that doesn’t mean that they have gone out of style. Bright colours and small flashing lights can be a great asset for a small business. A business cannot sell something in which the public is unaware. The approach in which to take would depend on the product being displayed. For example, to provoke impulse buys it is wise not to drown out the product with overzealous showcase material. For instance, to have flashing neon lights to promote chewing gum on an endcap would be too much. The idea is not only to say ‘look at me’ but to also state why they should buy the product. This is why sign flipping tactics have low results versus other ‘in your face’ practices.

Retail Displays - Neon

360 Ways to Astound

For retailers that sell hardware like cellphones and other electronics, it is essential to have a hands on approach. People like to feel and experience the product which builds enough confidence to purchase the product. Often certain retailers will have non-working models on display. Though it does grasp the consumers attention, there can be a certain level of disappointment associated when the model is found to be an empty shell. That forces the consumer to gather information from a clerk or by reading packaging. While that may be a viable option for many patrons, many others will find that option tedious or time consuming. This is the information age and studies have shown that the younger generations prefer browsing information at their leisure. Whereas, the older generations prefer a more personal approach. Therefore, is it crucial to be fully aware of the target audience.

Retail Displays - 360 displays

Seize Every Opportunity

Any famous restaurant chain can testify on value of up-selling. Larger companies have incorporated online options to increase revenue and boost sales. To reach a wider range of prospective consumers advertise the company’s website within the display. That can be done in a few easy ways. Floor signs placed strategically throughout the store works well with large areas. Another way is to add the website url to customized price tags. The website url can also be placed on the rack or shelf display with customized stickers for ‘out of stock’ items.

Retail Displays - Restaurants

Keeping up Appearances

Many store owners wonder how often they should change their display. The answer would primarily depend on the product being sold. A store that specializes in apparel, for example, should change mannequin displays weekly which is commonly how often new shipments are delivered. It is important to keep the display fresh looking especially throughout season changes. Loyal customers frequent their favorite shops. So, by changing the display often it encourages them to browse the new shipment of products. In fact, they will usually eventually expect something new each visit when may very well be one of the reasons they enjoy shopping there. If the new product deliveries are not as frequent as once a week, it is still a good practice to change the display at least weekly. Not only does it keeps the store looking fresh it also gives the appearance of selling out of new items more quickly thus invoking the customer to purchase quicker in fear of the store being out of stock by the time they return.

Retail Design - Fashion retail

For stores that carry hardline products the items may not vary much. A lot of times it is a simple restock of normal in-store product. In this case the display would not change very often. In fact it may confuse the consumer if th,e product is moved often. A hardline display can be freshened by updating promotional materials. Even regular customers may notice items for the first time just by simply tweaking a sign.

Live Demonstrations

Even though there is a myriad of ways to engage and guide your customers with your retail displays, there is no match for live demonstrations. Whether is food samples or playing with a toy, live demonstrations gives the customer a chance to interact with the product and ask questions at the same time. Big companies like Target and Publix have employees dedicated to in-store demonstrations. It is a huge way to back up a product performance promise.

Good Housekeeping

Always remember that there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. Nothing can ruin a first impression worse than poor housekeeping. Even the most elegant displays will not receive justice if it cluttered or dirty. Make sure shelves are dusted regularly and that all signs are intact. Customers often associate poor housekeeping with poor product or poor customer service. This is most often seen in edible displays.

With all of the wonderful ways to push a product out to the customer keep in mind that it’s about what the customer wants to see and about what company image you want to portray. Staying studious in upcoming trends will always keep the company one step ahead to success.

Customised Retail Displays


Sometimes you know what you need, but you just can’t seem to find it. It’s frustrating isn’t it? A product that is almost perfect: if only it was slightly bigger, a different colour or had a way of showing off your Branding… Well this is where Assigns can help.

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Customised Retail Displays


Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems in both standard and customised formats and sizes. Our range of Graphic Displays are designed to enable retailers to get their products and services noticed on all levels, whatever the retail environment.

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