Include VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on the sale of goods or services by UK businesses and is charged on goods at different levels. The current standard rate of 20% applies to most items. VAT is collected on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs by companies.
Find out more at https://www.gov.uk/browse/tax/vat

LCD Digital Displays

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LCD Digital Displays & LCD Screens

Our LCD Digital Screens are completely stand-alone with no need for a separate computer or networking software. With their built-in media players and included licence-free software package, they are easy to update using a USB pen drive. Schedule static images, movies and music, just plug in and play.
Our HD LCD digital display screens are an eye-catching way to showcase your products and offers. Whether you want to promote several different messages throughout the day or schedule the content to target particular shoppers, our LCD screens look great and will do the job brilliantly. Give us a call today on 01462 672000 to discuss your requirements and let us show you exactly what we can do!

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  • All of our digital display LCD screens come with simple plug-and-play systems which do not require any additional software, although more advanced users can also take advantage of the free playlist editor package supplied with our LCD screens, boasting a user-friendly layout and simple step-by-step instructions to allow you to create timing schedules and transition styles for your images and videos.

    For more information on our digital display screens, get in touch today or use our online enquiry form to tell us what you’re after and we’ll be delighted to help you get your hands on exactly what you need.

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