Modified: for when you need that something extra

Sometimes you know what you need, but you just can’t seem to find it. It’s frustrating isn’t it? A product that is almost perfect: if only it was slightly bigger, a different colour or had a way of showing off your branding. This is where Assigns can help.

In the past, we have always promoted the two key parts of our business; Pre-Made off-the-shelf standard products and our Custom-Built service, which tailors products to suit your specific requirements.

However, projects often call for solutions that sit somewhere in between these two services. They aren’t standard products, but Custom-Built is too big a leap. Instead, a tweak on a standard product such as a change of size or colour could be ideal.

We call this Modified – combining Pre-Made value and speed, with the flexibility of Custom-Built. Our Modified service perfectly illustrates our flexible, innovative and adaptive approach to delivering the right graphic display solution.

So when a Pre-Made product is not quite enough, and a Custom-Built design project is a bit too much, Assigns Modified is the answer.

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