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Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on the sale of goods or services by UK businesses and is charged on goods at different levels. The current standard rate of 20% applies to most items. VAT is collected on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs by companies.
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Making your Point-of-Sale Displays Sizzle

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  • 7th January 2014

It is easy to forget some basic ideas when running a business. When in a hurry, some businesses simply want to open the doors and start trading. While this is the right attitude to possess, it is important to think more deeply and try to create a better customer experience. One thing that is often overlooked is the point of sale systems.

With the new year starting we have a few basic steps that are easy to follow and implement as a business.

Sizzle your Point-of-Sale Displays

Sizzle your POS Displays

Be bold: Remember, a POS system shouldn’t be boring. Avoid a predictable POS system display. Grab your customers attention!, use enticing colours, themes and fonts. Understand why it is key to have a bold display that stands out from the rest.

Benefits: When looking at a product or thinking about spending money, customers think about the benefits, so highlight the perks of a product. By doing this without going overboard, you could sway a visitor to buy a given product. It will help the business in increasing conversions since people want to know what they are getting for their money.

How to use it: In fact, this is a large problem for some retailers as it is difficult to convince people to spend money when they have no idea on how to use the product properly. Use a video or other method to show potential buyers how to use it with ease. People of all ages will appreciate this as it is not always easy to open the box and start using new products. Furthermore, this will cut down on returns as people will have fewer questions or problems when getting home.

Helpful POS Displays

Incentives: One way to spruce up the POS displays and convert visitors into customers is to offer discounts or coupons. With this, a company can show off the product and go a little further in convincing the customer to open up his or her wallet. Remember, people always love a bargain.

Upsell: At the same time, a store should use the register display as a place to upsell products. This is an easy way for a store to sell batteries, gift cards and any other small and high profit impulse items. Displaying a few of the higher profit items, a company can ensure that it gets the most out of the transaction. At the same time, the customer will appreciate the convenience and reliability of a business offering everything needed to get going.

Upsell with POS Displays

Interactive: Consumers carry smartphones, so think about incorporating online technology into displays. Customers can check prices, read up on products and even make buying decisions. One way to make things easier on visitors is to provide a QR code. With this, a visitor can scan the code and learn more about the product and how it will offer value.

Interactive POS Displays

A point of sale system should include more than the basics. Explore the long-term possibilities and what you as a business want out of the display system.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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