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LED Lightboxes and LED display Light Boxes for businesses – Hertfordshire, UK

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  • 20th September 2013

If you’re looking for the best quality LED lightboxes and fluorescent light boxes currently available, then you’ve come to the right place. Our light boxes are built to the highest standards with emphasis on light output and build quality.

led lightboxes - Assigns

LED LightBoxes

This month (September) we are currently running LED Edgelit lightboxes in our monthly price promise, so if you have not seen the offer : Click Here

LED Lightbox

Our slimmest Lightbox. Utilising the latest LED technology it produces a crisp, even light while using far less energy than a conventional fluorescent tube equivalent Light Boxes.

LED Light Box - Assigns

– 25/32mm snap frame poster holder
– 25mm overall depth
– Low voltage LED illumination
– Internal use only

All of our Lightbox products can be customised to suit your own requirements, including bespoke sizes and paint finishes. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your ideas.

– LED Lightbox Sizes: A4 – 25mm Plug, A3 – 25mm Plug, A2 – 25mm Plug, A1 – 25mm Plug, A0 – 32mm In-Line (other sizes available to order)

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T5 Edgelit Lightbox

T5 fluorescent tube Light Boxes provide a high level of evenly spread illumination. Produced to the highest standards and incorporating our superior quality T5 Edgelit Lightbox snap frame poster holder.

T5 Edelit Lightbox - Assigns

– Snap Frame poster holder
– Fitted with electronic ballasts
– T5 fluorescent tubes
– Double sided also available (min order applies)
– Colours: Silver (other finishes available to order)
– Internal use only

This unit is manufactured to order and is perfect for double sided window applications.

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Curved Front Lightbox

This Curved Front Lightbox unit has excellent light dispersal creating maximum visual impact in interior locations and its clever shape increases the visibility of the Curved Front Lightbox unit.

Curved front Lightbox - Assigns

– Flat back with a curved front
– Fluorescent tube illumination
– Electronic ballasts
– Front opening snap frame down each edge
– Internal use only
– Lightbox Sizes: A3, A2, A1, A0

Bespoke sizes available to order.

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LED Light Tower

A fluorescent tube illuminated, double sided Light Tower unit with a heavy steel base for stability and aluminium snap frame sides for ease of use.

LED Light Tower, Lightbox - Assigns

– Heavy steel base
– Aluminium snap frame front profile
– Double sided

Standard sizes:
1700mm tall x 600mm wide (1 tube)
1700mm tall x 800mm wide (2 tubes)

Bespoke sizes available to order.

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Lockable Illuminated Menu Case

The Lockable Illuminated Menu Case is illuminated from the sides, in front of the menu, which is mounted on a white aluminium panel recessed in the rear of the case.

Lockable Illuminated menu case lightbox - Assigns

– LED illumination
– 50mm profile locking hinged door
– Overall depth approx 35mm
– Aluminium construction
– 2mm Polycarbonate window
– Internal or external use
– Menu Case Colours: Silver
– Menu Case Sizes: A4, A3

Bespoke sizes available to order.

Made to order: please allow 7-10 days for delivery

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LED Floorstanding Menu Case

LED Floorstanding Menu Case is illuminated from the top, in front of the menu, with a heavy metal base and aluminium leg. The LED Floorstanding Menu Case can be used outdoors but the transformer must be housed indoors.

LED Floorstanding Menu Display lightbox - Assigns

– LED illumination
– 50mm profile locking hinged door
– Overall depth approx 35mm
– Aluminium construction
– 2mm Polycarbonate window
– Internal or external use

Bespoke sizes available to order

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Backlit Lightboxes

Backlit lightboxes offer great versatility: available in 3 different case depths with a choice of five different snap frame options or locking doors. They can be specified with fluorescent tubes or LED illumination.

Backlit Lightboxes - Assigns

Snap frame or lockable door options
LED or fluorescent tube illumination
Can be specified for outdoor applications
Can be manufactured in almost any size
Powder coated finishes available

With so many options to choose from, our backlit lightboxes are the most versatile illuminated displays in our range. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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Going Green with LED Lightboxes

Businesses transforming itself as a result of the green movement, LED Light boxes have grown in popularity, replacing the older fluorescent style. This is due to a variety of reasons, the most important being that they last a long time. And since a lot of use is seen during the holiday season — inside and outside of the home, their ability to survive a lot of usage is quite important as well.

Consumers enjoy the fact that up to 40,000 hours of usable lighting can be gained from these types of lighting solutions before they have to be changed. The energy efficiency is also a plus, since they provide ways to recoup the initial investment, saving the purchaser as much as 50% when compared to a standard bulb. And as the technology has advanced, designers have been able to build in the same amount of brightness with these new LED’s. Since these new LED’s run off of 12 volts of power instead of 240 as required in the older light box types, they are also a whole lot safer too.

Bespoke Lightbox solutions - Assigns

With a variety of applications, Light boxes have found uses in many different industries, including graphic design, video game arcades and being able to perform slide shows. This has had a wondrous effect on many small shops as they can make their advertising stand out to potential customers who otherwise may not have even noticed the business.

A major reason that LED Light boxes have an advantage over their more traditional counterparts is the size of the bulb. Since it is comparably small, designers can vary the size and style of these units to create very special effects. This can make a display really stand out to potential customers who are attracted by the new technology and want to know how that it was accomplished.

LED Options - Assigns

Companies who employ these Light boxes are contributing to the green movement that is sweeping across this country. By using less power, they are being environmentally responsible and have also reduced their carbon footprint in the process.

Now, with the different colours available with the LED bulbs, any application such as a poster display can be enhanced significantly so it will be unique compared to others in the same area. A switching system can also be used to create a blinking effect such as those seen with Christmas displays.

Some Universities have also found use for LED Light boxes in their liberal arts departments. This is especially true in the area of Art which is well known for creative applications in this type of lighting. Since these kinds of Light boxes can be adapted to almost any size, they are perfect for a showing or a major showcase of student’s works, something that is not possible with the traditional bulbs.

The advantages shown with LED Light boxes are many and varied. They save money on energy costs, are able to be created in almost any size and shape and last a long time. These units make sense for any small business that is hoping to attract new customers without breaking the bank. Assigns.co.uk – LED Light Boxes

Lightboxes Information - Assigns

Point-of-Sale & Graphic Display: News

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All businesses have the same goal, which is to achieve the maximum amount of profit. Channeling the customer through the premesis without them even realising. Department stores, supermarkets, Casino’s employ phsycologists to look at every aspect of the customers journey to maximise sales.

As an SME you more then likely do not have this luxury, so how can you in simple real terms boost those all important sales.

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Window display kits are only limited to your window space, from singular displays to multiple displays.

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The advent of the television screen and liquid crystal displays (LCD) displays was a technological innovation with many applications. However, such digital screens have always been regarded as separate from the rest of the world, rendering objects exclusively in applications such as television and computer screens. One key application of such displays that has been neglected, however, is its potential use in marketing and advertisement.

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Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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