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In-Store Point of Sale Displays Working Harder Then Ever

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  • 24th April 2014

Businesses must work very hard to improve their brand visibility in the digital economy. Customers can shop online with ease, but they are still prone to shop with impulse at the point of sale in brick and mortar stores. The displays that customers see at the point of sale bring in more than just profits.

Point of Sale Desplay Stands

Definition of ‘Point Of Sale – POS’

The place where sales are made. On a macro level, a point of sale may be a mall, market or city. On a micro-level, retailers consider a point of sale to be the area surrounding the counter where customers pay.

Also known as “point of purchase”.

Reason #1: Point Of Sale Displays Are Visible

Point of sale displays allow for greater visibility of your brand. The items that you place at the point of sale may not be familiar to customers, but your items will become familiar to customers the more they shop. Point of sale displays do not always produce profits, but they can show customers products they are not familiar with.

Reason #2: Point Of Sale Displays Are Easy

Point of sale displays are easy for your business to set up. Your products will sit at the register in a display that you have designed. This means that you can make your display more noticeable. The business that is selling your products does not have control over the appearance of your products, and you get to set up a display that makes your business more visible.

Reason #3: Point Of Sale Displays Produce Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases are the reason why you must use point of sale displays. Customers get to the register and stand in line waiting to buy their items. While customers stand in line, they will have extra time to look at your point of sale displays. Your business produces more sales with point of sale displays by giving customers time to look at said displays.

impulse-buy (English word)

verb | buy on impulse without proper reflection

buy | purchase

Reason #4: Point Of Sale Displays Complement Regular Purchases

The customer who goes into a store to buy paper and notebooks will be very interested in your pens that they see at the register. You want to place your complementary items at the register to match what the business sells. Your items may only fit at certain registers in a department store, and you must choose the right points of sale to advertise your products.

Each of the items listed above will give you a strong point of sale display, but you must remember that point of sale displays are meant for certain types of items. Each of the items listed below are perfect for your point of sale displays.

Tip #1: Very Small Items

Items mentioned above like pens and pencils are perfect for point of sale displays. Small items fit next to the register easily, and the display is easy for sales associates to manage.

Tip #2: Items That Associates Need

Small point of sale displays should hold items that sales associates in the store need. Pens, pencils, sweets and other accessories are perfect for selling at the register because sales associates will be just as likely to purchase these items as customers.

Tip #3: Items That Are Great For Kids

Kids have to stand in line and wait for their parents to make purchases at the store, but kids get excited by the small items they see at the register. Parents have said no to their children hundreds of times in the store, but a small item at the register is the perfect thing to keep kids happy.

Your point of sale displays help to increase the visibility of your brand, and these displays are small enough to manage. However, your point of sale displays produce profits because the items are attractive to kids, sales associates and people who make impulse purchases. The point of sale display changes the way your company makes money, and you need to deploy these displays as soon as possible.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems in both standard and customised formats and sizes. Our range of Retail Display Stands is designed to enable retailers to get their products and services noticed on all levels, whatever the retail environment.

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