How to shop online

Shopping online with Assigns couldn’t be easier! But if you’re a little unsure on how to purchase items from the Assigns website, then this short step-by-step guide will give you all the guidance you need to make your first purchase.

Select a product category

First select a product category from within our left green navigation, for example ‘Lightboxes’.

Select a product

Within your selected category click onto a product you are interested in for further information on that item.

Select colour, size and quantity

If you decide that this product is what you require, select any colour or size options (where available) and decide how many of these items you wish to purchase.

Add the product to your shopping cart

When you have decided upon the item colour, size and quantity click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to add this item to your shopping cart, or the ‘Add to basket and continue shopping’ button if you want to continue browsing or adding other items to your order.

Your shopping cart

You can visit your shopping cart at any time by click onto the ‘View Cart’ button present at the top right hand corner of the Assigns website. Within your shopping cart area you can change certain elements of your shopping cart contents such as your item quantities or the products listed. To change the quantities of any item in your shopping cart change the number in the quantity column and press the ‘Update Cart’ button, once pressed the contents of your basket will be updated. To delete an item from your shopping cart simply use the ‘X’ in the delete column, once pressed the contents of your basket will be updated.

Place your order

Once you are completely happy with the contents of your shopping cart press the ‘Secure Checkout’ button.

Payment details

You will then be asked to review your order and insert your billing (and shipping address if this is different to your billing) address.

Payment / SagePay

SagePay offers customers of Assigns a fast, convenient and secure way to pay online, with the added peace of mind of its Buyer Protection service.