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How LED signage can help your business reduce energy consumption

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  • 10th October 2013

More and more businesses are turning off their fluorescent lighting in favour of LED signage lighting. Not only does energy consumption drop dramatically, but many believe the signage is also more aesthetically-pleasing. Fluorescent lighting does have a ‘retro’ look now and updating signage to LED can bring in a more sophisticated modern lighting scheme.

LED lighting takes less maintenance than old fluorescent signage systems that can require special planning to get the bulbs changed out without disrupting business operations. As more businesses learn about the benefits of LED signage, they decide that the cost of changing out the old for the new is well worth the benefits it provides in less costly maintenance, operation, and remodelled signage décor.

LED Signage, Three companies who made the switch

In an age of energy conservation, the business that can use technology to reduce costs ends up with a competitive advantage. However, not all companies make the switch for money reasons alone. Find out how companies in the UK are benefitting from making the switch to LED signage with these three case studies.

1. The Prince Wales Theatre

What businesses are best known for their colourful night-time displays of fluorescent lighting? Theatres have always catered to the glamor of the silver screen. The Prince of Wales Theatre is one such night-time venue that needs to keep its public image associated with dramatic performances, but also needs to save money on all that lighting. By installing LED signage, the theatre hopes to conserve 85 per cent of the electricity it previously used with a fluorescent lighting system. The annual savings is estimated to be £3,900.

LED Signage

2. Public Storage

Businesses that operate at night or odd hours can benefit from LED lighting. Public Storage, a company that operates self-storage facilities typically has as many as eight signs at each of its 2,000 properties. Once the switch is completed, they hope to standardize more of their lighting needs with a savings of $1.9 million overall. It will also help to keep maintenance costs down and provide sufficient lighting to keep their customers happy. While not conserving as much electricity as The Prince Wales Theatre, the savings are still not too shabby at a 73 per cent reduction in energy usage.

3. Holiday Inn

Another global brand, Holiday Inn, decided to switch to LED signage in 2009 in the hopes of saving $4 million US dollars annually. Only 25 per cent of those savings comes from reduced energy usage. The rest will come from the reduced maintenance costs. It will also be doing its part to reduce the potential for toxic wastes like mercury and lead which are associated with the disposing of neon tubes. All in all 9,300 signs will be changed out in favour of the LED lighting systems.
Other businesses that can benefit

LED Business Signage

These are just three companies that have seen the light, literally, and the way forward with LED signage. Larger projects involve converting stadium lighting and to make sure that public entertainment doesn’t mean a nasty electric bill at the end of an event. Many other smaller businesses can also benefit from salons and barber shops to any retail establishment that must keep all-night hours. Even local councils can use LED lighting for public projects. LED offers many advantages, from cost to low maintenance to a cleaner more modern look. It can also help to save the planet by reducing the need to dispose of toxic-laden fluorescent lighting with a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

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Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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