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Hotel Signage: A Look At Why It Is So Important

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  • 20th November 2015

Hotel Signage: Why It Is So Important

Anytime someone visits somewhere new, they want to be able to work out what to do. Whether they’re going to a new restaurant or checking into a hotel, they don’t want to feel confused. When someone checks into a hotel, they’re most likely away from home and experiencing the establishment for the first time. They may be juggling kids, struggle to speak English or be exhausted after a long day’s travelling.

If you run a hotel, it’s essential that the signage you provide is clear and helpful. You can use Assigns signs to your advantage to provide a better experience for your guests.

Essential Information

One of the most basic and vital ways of using signage in your hotel is to provide necessary information for your guests. This information needs to be clear and simple, so all your guests know where to go and what to do during their stay. For example, you can provide details about what time breakfast begins and ends.

You can also display information about check out times too. You should even think about providing vital health and safety advice. Take a look at a budget chain such as Holiday Inn Express for examples. You’ll see this sort of sign in reception, lifts and elsewhere around the hotel to give clear and concise information at the point guests need to know it.

Greener Business

Going green is all the rage for hotels today, as it is for many businesses. Both industry standard agencies and guests expect hotels to be eco-friendly. There are many ways to become greener, but some of them involve asking your guests to join in. For example, hotel chains such as JW Marriott use posters in their bathrooms to communicate their ‘green policy’ to guests in the confines of their own room. They ask guests to reuse their towels and emphasise their green practices. Our poster frames are ideal for this type of simple but effective signage without being overly intrusive or detracting from the appearance of the room.

Upselling and Promotions

Signs in hotels are also excellent for promoting hotel services and upselling products. These techniques work especially well in hotel restaurants and bars. They can also be used in other public areas. For example, the A-boards we supply are ideal for advertising offers or menus for your hotel restaurant.

LED light boxes and even digital displays are also useful for this purpose. They create colourful and attractive promotions. You can show the bar or restaurant’s latest offers behind the bar. This will help to encourage guests to spend their money at the hotel rather than at the bar or restaurant just down the street.

Health and Safety

It’s essential for hotels to keep their guests safe. When there are so many people in a building, being able to evacuate them in an emergency is vital. For example, you need to provide information about fire exits and escape routes. You should also make emergency meeting points clear.

Signs are a simple and efficient way of providing this information to all your guests in bedrooms. When you create these signs, they need to be clear to everyone, regardless of which language they speak.

Signs are extremely useful in many areas of hotels, from bedrooms to restaurants and lifts to reception. There are lots of ways you can use them effectively, and Assigns can help you out with customised signs designed to fit with the overall appearance and décor of the hotel, public spaces and rooms.

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