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Effective Point of Sale Display Stands : Type, Style, Graphics

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  • 24th March 2014

When you consider the amount of money that goes into creating a product, what good does that do if the product is never seen? No matter what type of product or service it is, those that make their way to the shelves, only to be buried alongside the countless other options it’s next to, can often find it difficult to separate themselves from the competition. A great way to assure that this doesn’t happen to your product is to create an effective point of sale display stand that is unique and grabs the attention of buyers. In order to maximize a point of sale display stand to its fullest, here are some tips to consider to make it stand out with style.

Effective Point of Sale Display Stands

Point of Sale Desplay Stands

Know Your Audience
It’s hard to offer a product that every single customer will be interested in. The fact of the matter is that different genders and age groups look for varying products when they are shopping. That is why it is important to consider who your audience is and who you want to buy your product. The more that you know your audience, the better you can arrange your POS display to attract them. However, those stands that are too indirect or don’t stand out to anyone in particular may simply go unnoticed all together and fail to attract interest from your target audience. Consider doing some market or analytical research about your audience to help you build a POS display that is best to attract them.

Maximize Your Space
When it comes to point of sale advertising, you only have so much room to deliver your message. This isn’t a 500-word press release or a commercial with a paid celebrity vouching for your product. Instead, it is a stationary stand that will have to maximize every square inch to get its point across. Consider the fact that you can say more, even by having less. For example, you don’t have to cram every square inch of your POS with content. However, you want to assure that every part of the stand is maximized with the space that you have. Be bold with the product that you are offering and make sure that it stands out. But also don’t let the background fade into unimportance and go unused with your point of sale stand.

Pop up Point of Sale Displays

Part of maximizing your space should include specific detail to graphics and style. Part of building a creative POS includes having enough of a design with your actual product, but also making the rest of the signage something that people take interest in. Each industry has its own goals for maximizing the look of the POS, so be sure to pay special attention to how graphics, colors and images can benefit your sign to increase sales.

Go Interactive
There are many options when it comes to interacting with your customers. If you offer a fragrance product such as perfume or air freshener, give your customers a chance to actually smell what it is that you are selling. If you are an electronics company that is offering something new, let the customers play around with it and test it out. The same can be said with nearly every industry that you are in. Therefore, allowing your customers to have a hands-on experience with your product that is interactive can help get their attention and keep them interested, in hopes of sealing the deal to have them buy your product.

Attract The Senses
If you are looking for your interactive display to stand out even more, consider how you can target the senses to attract even those customers who are unfamiliar with your product. It was already discussed how a fragrance can do wonders for the scent of the body or in a room, however this is the same idea with great smelling food. For example, imagine having a POS stand that smells like cookies, if you are introducing a new line of family-secret treats. Or if you offer a new clothing product that feels great on your skin, be sure that the customers can actually touch it and see just how wonderful it feels. Be sure that you utilize all of the senses when setting up your POS display, as it will draw customers in more and get them hooked. While sight may be the way to first get your customers attention, it is the other senses that will keep them interested in your product and keep them staying at your POS display.

Helpful POS

QR Codes
Another type of interactive display includes the use of QR codes. These codes help attract customers in a variety of different ways and they also can help the company get a better idea of how their POS stands are working. For customers, QR codes offer a chance for them to use technology and use their smartphones to get more information about a specific product. Not only is this perfect for giving the customer information that they want right there on the spot, but it also allows them the chance to come back later and find out even more detailed information about a product or company. And as for the company itself, they can keep track of how often their QR codes are being scanned, what time they are being scanned, how much information customers seek out and other analytics that can help them boost their sales.

QR codes are a great new-age technology that, when utilized correctly, can be very beneficial to include on your POS stands. The most effective QR codes either bring up an app for the customer, or it will link them to a social media profile or a website. This means that you need to assure that all of this is ready for the type of traffic your POS stand QR code might bring in for your business. But once you bring them in, then the content you have at these landing spots can be very helpful for gaining new customers.

Give Something Away
Whether you use a QR code or some sort of physical product, giving something away can also boost the effectiveness of your POS display. The older method of giving away a coupon or a free sample still works, though there are other options with today’s technology as well. Consider what the product is that you sell specifically, and then determine some creative ways that you can give away samples or discounts for people who make a purchase.

Free Giveaway

Consider The Placement
Equally as important as what your display looks like, you should put special consideration into the placement of it as well. One creative idea is to put a hanging POS that will direct people’s attention upwards, rather than just in a straight line of sight. You may also want to consider if your POS looks best at an end cap, towards the front of the store, or somewhere else where there is a lot of traffic. Strategic placement of your POS display can mean the difference between being noticed and just being looked over as if it is just another display for your average product.

You can have a creative point of sale stand if you utilize the tips mentioned here. You don’t have to cram all of these tips into one stand, but by using what your company offers and arranging the stand around that, you can create a creative and unique POS that people can’t miss.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems in both standard and customised formats and sizes. Our range of Retail Display Stands is designed to enable retailers to get their products and services noticed on all levels, whatever the retail environment.

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