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Digital Signage Replacing Printed Signage In The Hospitality Industry

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  • 3rd December 2013

Hospitality venues, cruise lines, resorts and hotels are now adapting digital signage. Digital signage will be taking the place of printed notices and signs inside of the establishment. There are a number of benefits that can be reaped from using digital signage. One of those benefits is the ability to change messages instantly.

Digital Signage in the Hospitality Industry

Businesses who use digital signage will also be able to save money on printing costs. Guests convenience, staff time savings, promotions of lounges, restaurants and other internal amenities are some of the benefits that can be reaped from using digital signage.

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Mood Media is one of the many companies that has expanded to the hospitality sector. It has added information from TripAdvisor’s website to its digital signage. It has been dubbed MVision Travel, and the digital signage application acts as a virtual concierge for people at a major hotel brands. People will be able to get real-time information from Trip Advisor, including ratings for attractions, graphics and recommendations.

Digital signage for cruise ships can serve as support staff for monitors and touch screens. It can help people find casinos, set appointments for salon and spa services, provide prices for various amenities as well as get information about recreational events and formal services. Digital signs can serve very important functions. For example, they can display passenger safety protocols and information.

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Oasis Of The Seas By Royal Carribbean uses Four Winds Interactive IDS software solution. The company’s website has stated that the number, size and placement of touch screens and digital signs are very important, but the software applications and platforms are just as important. One of the many critical decisions that executives face is whether to select a software license for an entire fleet or single ship when implementing digital signage for a cruise line. If a company-wide license is purchased, then the cost per signage and ship will decrease. The economic benefits are one of the many reasons that many companies select a fleet-wide license.

A White Paper From Keywest Technology has shown that there are six areas that digital signage can enhance guest experience while increasing revenue in a cost-effective manner. This includes reader boards, door cards, in-room channels, mapping, advertising signage and kiosks or other interactive displays. Information on the operating hours of the business, safety procedures and checkout times are examples of some of the other things that can be displayed.

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The White Paper has also noted that the advertising messages that are catered to a certain demographic may be one of the main advantages of digital signage. This practice is known as day-parting, and it encourages people to promote restaurants based on the dinner, breakfast and lunch specials during the time of the day when people are most interested in eating a particular meal. That same sign can be used to promote special entertainment and hotel lounge later during the day. The goal is to keep the guests on the premises and encourage them to spend money in house.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Digital Display Systems

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