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Digital Point-of-sale (POS) for in store Retailers

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  • 24th September 2013

The old days are over welcome to the New Age of Digital Point-of-Sale. With the advancement in technology, the things that were unpredictable and difficult to chose are now more precise and accurate. The technology arena is hotting up.

The emergence of technology, especially Smartphones apps, has broadened the concept of easiness. The Smartphone technology is not merely for game app or G-technology instead well-known users are availing the maximum benefit out of it like assistance in buying products. Let’s pull over the curtain to make visible to readers and the curious audience that it’s a “Digital POS System”. Such an advanced system has unveiled the way to no-problem destination.

Digital Point-of-Sale (POS) Technology

Digital Point-of-sale, all in all is a system to assist the customers in purchasing the article they are looking at. This technology is not the newest technology; instead, people knew it as a system for proofing the signage of a product. Well, the technology is much polished now and its usage is evenly increasing. From dresses to cars to Smartphones to everything, the Digital POS technology encapsulates them.

It is basically an integrated system that connects three things altogether, a customer to a product information to a retailer.

To elaborate it, take a case of well-known brand Diesel, to assist customers they have designed their outlets with connected mirrors so make it possible for customers to connect with their belongings. On the other hand, the much-publicized brand Burberry, which has reality mirrors to array product reviews and information on it. All in all, customers are satisfied to full extent whilst purchasing any article.

POS Connected Mirrors
Generally, Digital POS System encompasses three features. One is Assistive Consumer Technology (ACT), second is Assistive Retailer Technology, and the last is Retailtainment. Unlike the traditional ways that retailers used to adopt, the ART is more opportune and source of attracting customers not only for the present moment but also for shopping in the future.

The availability of Assistive Retailer technology, at a time, builds up the repute of a retailer, less rush routine for retailers, increase the worth of a retailer as it assists customers. The Mercedes Benz has made the best use out of this technology. By adopting and installing ART app in a showroom, they are able to showcase the products and related information to customers.

The Art app, In the USA, has made it possible to boost up auto showroom up to 35%. Similarly, O2 is availing this technology to demonstrate the features and complex system of their products in a smarter way to customers. Hence, when a customer is given details sales rate rise.

Digital POS system
The Assistive Consumer Technology is equally important and worth availing to assist customers. For an instance take a real example, Apple has POS tablet stations in their store to help out Apple’s product users in getting the key information and to obtain the service on call. In addition to this, if you are willing to buy a product, you can scan a particular product with a Smartphone and have in your hand the information and feedback related to that item. One more in a countless users of Digital POS technology is noted brand ‘C&A’. You could observe a digital counter installed onto the hanger of a coat. Well, amazingly, the counter indicates the number of likes on Facebook. More likes more captivating that product will be.

Digital POS Displays
Last but not the least is Retailtainment Technology. Let me tell you it is an ancillary art to attract customers to go for purchasing by entertaining them. Hilfiger and Starhub in the USA and in Singapore respectively, are entertaining customers with the music whenever garment is taken off the showcase. It’s because of the marvels of POS app.

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