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Choosing the best Pavement Sign for your business

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  • 6th August 2013

There are many ways of advertising a business, but if you like to get high quality results without going overboard in terms of budget, you can choose to use pavement signs. Pavement signs are commonly seen outside commercial establishments since they are an effective way to attract potential customers and to stay in touch with loyal ones. This way, you are able to maximize your business’ exposure with minimal effort and at lower costs.

About Pavement Signs

These are some of the tools used in advertising your business. Pavement signs are classified as such when they are positioned in front of a high street shop or store. Usually, these tools have 2 opposite sides of the same size to display posters, leaflets and messages, among others. The purpose for this is for people to view the advertisement no matter what direction they come from.

The quality of pavement signs will reflect the image of your business. So, it is important to choose one that you think is most appropriate. There are different types of pavement signs and you can select what suits your business best.

Choosing the Appropriate Pavement Sign

• A-Board

If you want a pavement sign for indoor and outdoor use, you can opt for an A-board. In the past, this was made of wood. Though this kind of material is still being used these days, most of A-boards are made from aluminum or powder coated steel tube, which makes them more durable. What gives them an edge over other types pavement signs is that they are more portable and easier to store since they can be folded.

• Chalkboard

If you like to include messages as often as you want, you can do so with chalkboard models.

• Weighted Base

Businesses that need a more stable pavement sign to withstand windy days should opt for one with a weighted base. This usually weighs more than 20 kg. Some come with built-in wheels so they can be moved more easily.

• Snap Frames

If you often need to change advertisement media, you need a pavement sign with snap-shut frames. This will allow you to change them quickly.

• Locking Mechanism

At times, it can’t be helped that advertisement media is prone to vandalism and theft. To prevent this, there are pavement signs that come with a locking mechanism.

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Advantages of Using Pavement Signs

• Reasonably priced.

Pavement signs are not expensive and they are only a one time investment. Unlike other methods of advertisement that require regular payments, paying for pavement signs is a one time investment.

• Exposure to your business.

The first step for your business to become successful is to get noticed by consumers and there is no better way to do this than to use pavement signs as an advertising tool. Once you set them up, these will invite the interest of passers-by. It will only take a matter of time before your sales increase.

• Any type of business.

Whether you have a restaurant, hair salon, dress boutique, or any type of business, there are pavement signs that can suit your needs.

• Made from durable materials.

The materials, which most pavement signs are made of, are designed to withstand any kind of weather. So, they will last for a long time, when properly cared for.

Businesses will certainly benefit from pavement signs because of the advantages they have to offer. They give exposure to your business. They provide effective results as well, which are translated into more sales. All these come at reasonable costs.

County Council Pavement Signs Policy

Pavement Signs are used widely by many businesses to highlight their establishment and to generate business. Pavement signs are typically placed on the roadway in front of the business. Many county and city councils provide guidelines for the regulation of the A-boards to enhance the attractiveness and order of their communities.

Assigns has compiled a handy quick reference list of County Council’s A-Board policies. We will keep adding to this list as and when we uncover new published policies.


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