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Cable display systems, point of sale displays that work

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  • 26th November 2013

Every retailer wants their signage to stand out from their competitors. Whether a retail business is an individual store or located in a shopping mall, signage is important. Business owners need to make sure that their signs are unique enough for a customer to stop and have a good look at them. With any luck, they will be further enticed to return for another visit or enter the store. One of the best ways to attract a customer is through the use of cable display systems.

Cable Display Systems

Tensioned cable displays make perfect Window Display Kits for a wide variety of business shop front displays. Estate agents use this form of display very well to display thier properties and make full use of their window space. Banks are another great example and i have seen restaurants use window display kits to show off menu’s and special offers.

Window display kits are only limited to your window space, from singular displays to multiple displays.

Window Cable Displays - Assigns

Unique Signage

Cable display systems are signage that is composed of two plastic coated cables. These cables are anchored into the ceiling or the walls depending on the store and what kind of hardware they want to use in order to support sign holders.

The frames are also available in a variety of different materials although snap and clear acrylic frames are probably most commonly associated with this kind of display systems. At the same time, cable display systems have extra frames that can make a display as large as people need it to be.

The main reason that these systems work well is because cable displays have a unique style that cannot be found in any other signage. It provides a modern and sleek look that often works well with any contemporary interior design. At the same time, the acrylic frames will fade and blend into the background while the silver chains and hardware retain professionalism in presenting a sign.

LED Cable Display Kits - Assigns

The Price

A cable display system is not only a worthy purchase but also an investment. With this signage system on hand, people can obtain good quality materials that have been manufactured to last for many years.

What is great about this point-of-sale system, is that it requires little or no maintenance to make sure that it stays working. Aside from that, it is often possible for people to purchase the cables, hardware and acrylic frames cheaply. A pre-made cable system is a little more expensive but still affordable for a company.


There are many reasons why cable display systems are very useful for a business. The first reason is that these display systems do not support the frames in the wall that is similar to an ordinary mounted photo frame. This keeps the holders flush against the wall. Instead, they use the anchors that are included in the kits in order to secure the cable to either the ceiling or the wall.

These anchors also pull the frames away from the wall. This enables them to give a floating appearance to the signage. Although they are securely mounted on cables, they have a unique sense of movement around them that is enticing to a customer.

At the same time, this display system has an airy appearance, and its wires and anchors can be further improved through the use of clear acrylic frames along with the hangers. Acrylic is one of the most popular choices for a frame for this style of display. This is because it has the ability to fade into the background. That greatly helps in making promotional materials even more prominent in the display.

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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