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Bespoke Acrylic Cake Stand produced for Greggs

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  • 21st January 2014

Greggs approached us with a bespoke point-of-sale project. To produce a cake stand that looked like slate but made out of material safer for a food environment and able to produce in large numbers. We finally decided on Acrylic to replicate the look of slate for the cake stands.

Acrylic Cake Stand to look like Slate

 Acrylic Cake Stand for Greggs - Assigns

The dimensions were set by Greggs based on their counter sizes and ordered 1800 on the first roll off. These cake stands have been rolled out nationwide.


Today, Greggs has nearly 1,600 shops, but they are not stopping there. They plan to open 600 new shops over the next few years. And, although they are a national business, they are still rooted in local communities. Which means, as well as national range, Greggs also enjoy producing much loved regional specialities.

Greggs still bake delicious bread every day in their own local bakeries. Greggs bakers are meticulous and they understand that baking a great loaf is all about precision, timing and experience.


Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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