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Advantages of LED Light Boxes in Advertising

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  • 16th June 2014

LED light boxes are useful for drawing people’s attention to an advertisement or store promotion. This is especially true if the advertisement displays flashing or movement. That is, motion tends to immediately grab most people’s attention due to its nature of constantly changing between two or more states.

Static use of LED light boxes create a clearer and more visually appealing advertisement display, both in-store and outside.

Image LED Light Box

LED Light Boxes and their Potential

Advertisements that display motion are more noticeable than static images. To illustrate, one can imagine the scenario of a person walking down a street that has static images on the left side and moving images on the right. The person in this scenario is more likely to pick up the right side in his or her peripheral vision.

One of the best ways to display motion is to use an LED light box. These boxes are easy to set up, maintain, and repair. Furthermore, LED light boxes allow the user to come up with creative marketing ideas that would have been cost prohibitive prior to new light box designs. Possibilities include creating an image of motion and scrolling text.

Another benefit to using LED light boxes is the option to run the advertisement throughout either the day, night, or both. Namely, these LED light boxes are visible in the daylight, too. Other features include: (a) the ultra-thin design for ease of installation; (b) high-quality materials that extend the lifetime use of the product; (c) low maintenance costs; (d) low-voltage requirements; (e) and environmental-friendly design.

LED light box In- Store Bespoke - Assigns
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Benefits of Slim LED Light Boxes

Slim light boxes are a more recent innovation that features unique light guide technology. This technology allows users to work with fluorescent tubes or LEDs as a source of light. As a result, advertisements are now thinner, brighter, and consistently produce higher-quality images.

To clarify, “thinness” refers to the overall thickness of the tubes and how much material is required for production. That is, LED light boxes are usually as thin as two centimeters and weight as little as .05 kilograms. “Brightness” refers to how much power the LED light boxes need to stay bright in daylight. In this regard, slim LED light boxes require less power than the old standard. These features work together to save 60 to 70 percent electricity consumption.

Light Guide Technology

Designers of the light guide backlight module used a variety of frame materials to produce a slim light source that is easy to install in any commercial area. In other words, the designers understood that advertisers need to put forth their products anywhere regardless of the environment and conditions their establishment is in. Thus, they made sure their LED light boxes would be compatible with single-sided cards, double-sided cards, billboards, and signs.

LED light boxes are also easy to replace. This removes the hassle from installation and maintenance and increases business productivity as a result. Most users report replacement takes as little as five minutes. More experienced users report even lower times. Lower maintenance means the user needs to buy less lamps, buy less ballast replacements, and spend less money on repairs.

The light guide plate does not overheat. That is, this technology manages heat efficiently and does not damage the picture tube. Thus, the screen’s intensity does not fade over time. These light boxes produce bright, attractive images for years.

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How Businesses Benefit from LED Light Boxes

People tend to see LED advertisements at shopping centers, train stations, or an entertainment venue such as an amusement park. They also see them at smaller establishments such as a barber shop, their favorite beauty chain stores, a motorway service station, hotels, and your local bank.

These establishments and venues suffer from different harsh environments. Namely, some cities have humid climate and may need more frequent maintenance. The goal of this technology is for the user to not have to worry about the location of his or her business. Furthermore, the fact the average consumer can find these advertisements in all sorts of places suggests that LED light box technology is proving its display potential.

Businesses benefit from immediately attracting customers and clients. Effective advertisements remind potential customers of their needs. This is why businesses benefit from advertisements that feature bright and user focused imagery. That is, strong imagery has a higher chance of give these customers the nudge they need to visit an establishment.

Costs of Running a LED Light Box

All businesses need to save money, meaning they would benefit from the LED technology’s low energy cost. Although the lights consume less electricity, the advertisements remain bright and visible throughout the day.

It has other efficient features such as an anti-flashing light function. This function further reduces the amount of electricity consumed per day. Furthermore, the function lessens the stress on the lamp and, thus, increases the lifetime use of LED light box.

Easy on the Eyes

The structure of the LED light box allows users to come up with creative visuals, you can adjust the intensity of the light so that the advertisement matches the surrounding environment.

These lights do not have be neon-colored. LED light boxes offer natural light, too. That is, natural light allows users to create more realistic imagery, further increasing the number of uses this technology offers.

Featured LED & Fluorescent Light Boxes Products:

Edgelit LED light boxes

Edgelit LED light boxes

Slim and highly versatile, our Edgelit LED light boxes have high quality aluminium snap frame profiles and can be made to order in any size up to 3,000mm x 1,200mm.

They utilise the latest LED technology to produce crisp, white light. They consume far less energy than standard fluorescent tubes, so will cost you less to run. All of our Edgelit LED light boxes carry a two year guarantee and feature the following:

  • 24V high brightness LED illumination giving a fantastic bright, even light
  • Just 25mm overall thickness
  • 25mm or 32mm snap frame profiles
  • A3 to A0 available from stock
  • Long life expectancy (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Available in any RAL colour

Backlit Light Boxes

Backlit Light Boxes

Available with LED or fluorescent illumination, our backlit light boxes are built to order in any size you need. Cases range from 54mm to 120mm overall depth and they are a great choice for small quantity bespoke applications.We can paint them in any RAL colour you require, and we supply them with 20mm, 25mm, 32mm or 42mm snap frame profiles.

Excellent quality and value, easy to install and simple to use.

Locking Backlit Light boxes

Locking Backlit Light bBxes

Our locking backlit light boxes also come with LED or fluorescent illumination, and are available in bespoke sizes and paint finishes.

They can be used internally, but they’re also a great option for outdoor use, or for displaying posters and adverts in high traffic areas, as the locking doors protect posters from theft or vandalism.

Each locking backlit light box features a hinged door with one or two key locks depending on the size and a polycarbonate window, which makes accessing and changing posters easy.

Curved Front Light Boxes & Light Towers

Curved Front Light Boxes and Light Towers

For something a little bit different, our curved front light boxes and floor standing light towers can really make an impression on your customers. Well built with strong snap frames, they look great from all angles.

Light towers add to the impact with their size and make great marketing tools in shopping centres, gyms and reception areas. Curved front light boxes and light towers are eye-catching whether they’re mounted on a wall or left freestanding in the foyer of your business

Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems in both standard and customised formats and sizes. Our range of Retail Display Stands is designed to enable retailers to get their products and services noticed on all levels, whatever the retail environment.

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