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Advantages of LED Light Boxes as a Business Signage Solution

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  • 11th March 2014

Innovations in business signage found in LED light box solutions in the UK illustrates the close attention being given to ‘green’ advertising. If businesses are still seeking the best possible moniker for the price, the introduction of LED neon or fluorescent light signage boxes in the retail and other business sectors has advanced the competitive advantages sought in sustainable marketing. For companies looking for the most exposure at the lowest cost, LED outdoor advertising is exceptional in affordability and reach.

LED Light Box Signage Solutions

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The highest calibre signage on the market today is LED which provides a far higher standard light output capacity than other light signage products. Perfect for businesses investing in sustainable solutions in marketing, branding a shop or company with LED light box signage is renewable resource consumption on display. Boost traffic with a strategic outdoor advertising campaign in LED. Light box technology supported advertising is the most cost efficient and effective mechanism for attracting new customers.


Purpose of LED Light Box Signage
If the singular most purpose of signage is to present brand identity and communicate organisational information, LED light box signage is formidable in public conveyance of marketing and other key messages. The global use of LED light box technology in signage is found in:

1. Information Signage – providing information about services and facilities (i.e. directories, maps, and instructions for use)

2. Directive Signage – markers for direction to facilities and public spaces

3. Identification Signage – posted indicators of specific attributes of facilities and services

4. Safety and Regulatory Signage – public sector signs alerting to infrastructure, directions, safety and other governance related rules and regulations

In addition to standardised LED light boxes pre-prepared for marketing slogan, customisation allows for individual selection of colors, formats and sizes. Create a new image for your shop, business or organisation with LED light box signage content and graphics. LED light box signage encasement made of aluminum framing enables versatility in size, shape, and finish, and is easy to install and maintain.


LED Light Box Signage Features
Featuring the latest in energy efficient electronic components, LED signage offers uniform luminosity day and night. Flashing features in LED signage increase visibility from a distance. The visual impact of LED advertising signage is as powerful as it is cost saving. Businesses can transform their brand identity in a simple LED light box advertising statement. Eliminate additional costs linked to extensive value chain advertising with upfront visibility in LED. Here is a rundown of the main features offered in LED light box signage:


Main Features
1. Brand Identity– customisation of signage to meet strategic marketing values

2. Design Customisation – light box technology is slim, lightweight, and easily maintained

3. Energy Savings – significant energy savings meet sustainable marketing budgets

4. Extended Reach – local placement of LED signage attracts convenience oriented customers

5. Slide Replacement– aesthetics can be altered with simple update of slides

6. Uniform Luminosity – illumination of advertising across distance

Backlit light box signage is secure for outdoor advertising use in high traffic areas. Constructed of high quality aluminum snap frames, LED light box signage may exceed 3,000mm x 1,200mm in size. Utilisation of the latest light box signage in outdoor advertising ensures that a marketing message will be showcased in 24V high brightness LED illumination. LED light box signage life expectancy is up to 50,000 hours.

One of the most flexible solutions in outdoor marketing, LED light box signage can be changed on the spot with slide insertion of newly branded polyethylene plates. Ultra-thin LED light box signage is durable, reliable and low maintenance in comparison with traditional electronic signage. Protective screen filtering of low-voltage DC power supplied LED light box signage can save a business up to 70% in utility costs.


The Use of LED in Public Sector Signage
Renewable energies such as LED technologies are fast becoming a critical part of public infrastructure. Conservation of energy offered in LED lighting meets core objectives prioritizing solar driven renewables in sustainable planning. The incorporation of LED in outdoor signage and lighting is evidence that communities are embracing lighting solutions as part of their environment. Standard LED light box signage used in the public sector must adhere to statutory sign rules.

Use of LED signage must follow rules to inclusion of pictogram imagery. Rules to pictogram imagery also applies to conveyance of regulatory messages in commercial signage. For instance, signs falling under the rules of UK A4 Portrait or EU statutory signs of this nature are to use solely two thirds of the designated total area of the sign 210 x 297 mm.

If designing an LED light box sign to meet UK regulation, display of pictograms must meet the criteria of 210 w x 198 H (mm) and one third of total text display rules. Pictograms in UK A4 Portrait or EU statutory signage in LED light box format are to be the standard 158.4 mm wide, or 80% of 198 mm according to UK government law.


Outdoor Advertising in LED
Mobilise LED light box signage for a total advertising immersion experience. Customers exposed multi-scale marketing campaigns in LED light technology are more likely to have instant recall brand identity. Flashing light box signage is continuous dynamism in the public environment. Enhance audience reach with a comprehensive light signage campaign. Customised freestanding light boxes and light towers to supplement LED light box wall signage add more visibility to an onsite advertising campaign that is eye-catching and memorable.

Seduce the passerby with the brilliance with a sustainable LED advertising installation. Companies can also sell space on their signs to other advertisers. Pay for your company’s advertising by selling high visibility space on a LED light box sign. Signage add values to any commercial or shopping centre. Invest in a LED light box solutions to meet all of your company’s outdoor advertising needs.

For more information about LED light box signage advertising customisation and installation, contact Assigns. Find out about the advantages of LED light boxes as a business signage solution. Get the most from return on outdoor marketing investment. Increase visibility and generate traffic. Neon flashing LED light box signage is certain profit.


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Danny Chard is the Managing Director of Assigns Point-of-Sale and Graphic Display Systems

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