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Retail is Detail

Defining Marketing in Retail and Principles of Retail

In today’s highly competitive global economy, the inability to effectively develop and implement marketing strategies that are specific to a particular retail brand or industry will inevitably lead to the failure due to poor performance of that retail business. Retail can be defined any company that focuses its marketing strategy on satisfying the need of the final customer through the organized method of offering and selling services and goods as a means of final distribution


Business A-Boards

Get your A-Board working for your Business

Your A-Board, also known as an A-Frame, Sandwich Board Sign, or Pavement Sign, is an important component in any public-facing businesses. It highlights special offers, or special instructions you might require for your visitors. While it is certainly convenient to have an a-board, it could have a substantially increased value to the business if you invest a bit of thought, into your a-board message.


Retail Marketing Psychology

Retail Marketing Psychology: Making the Sale

Businesses may well believe that pricing strategies are the end-all be-all of transforming potential customers into actual customers, as well as convincing frequent customers to spend more money. Whilst Only focusing on pricing is extremely short-sighted because customers are not entirely rational. Rather, customers tend to be driven by their feelings.


Slide in Poster Frame and Easel - Assigns

Bespoke Slide-In Wooden Poster Frame and Matching Easel

Assigns recently created this Bespoke Slide-In Wooden poster frame and matching Easel for Homebase. Assigns was asked to match a specific Kronospan ‘Westminster Light Oak’ in a laminated sample that Homebase sent to us. The slide in panel in the chalkboard was fitted to our standard chalkboard after the colour match had been achieved.


LED Edgelit Light Box - Homebase

LED Edgelit Light Boxes for Homebase

Assigns have produced some LED Edgelit Light boxes for Homebase. Assigns have been supplying Homebase with LED Edgelit Light boxes for a number of years, however the new batch is currently being fitted in their Odina Kitchen installations in stores that are currently being re-fitted.


what is a dark store

What is a Dark Store in Retail?

The term dark store refers to a retail distribution center or outlet that caters exclusively to online shopping. It is generally a large warehouse that can either be used to facilitate a collect-and-click service whereby a client collects an item that they have ordered online or an order fulfillment platform for online sales. The format was established in the United Kingdom, and its popularity has also spread to France.


In-store retail technologhy

A look at In-Store Retail Technology

Online shopping has become the norm for a lot of U.K. consumers with 65 percent of connected users regularly buying goods on the Internet. Last week saw the 20th anniversary of the first ever online purchase, thought to be Sting’s album “Ten Summoner’s Tales”. While e-commerce sales continue to increase as they will reach 217 billion pounds in Britain in 2016, they will only account for about 5 percent of total retail sales.


LCD Digital Advertising Displays

Tri Grip Retail Tablet & IPad Holders

One of the newest products in our digital screens category is the super-sleek Tri-Grip Tablet Holder. Thanks to a unique locking mechanism and fully-adjustable viewing angle, this is the perfect way to display a universal tablet device. Tablets can be inserted either vertically or horizontally and secured in place using the robust clamps.


Poster Display Frames

New Retail Poster Frames : Snap Frame, Desk & Floor Window

Assigns has launched three new retail poster frame displays. A larger 44mm poster snap frame to deal with new larger poster format being produced. And two new poster frame windows. The first being the desk or retail counter poster frame window and the second being a floor or entrance poster frame window.


Pub A-Board Signs

Summer is Sizzling and so are Pub A-Boards

With Summer sizzling we hope businesses are doing a roaring trade. Pub A-boards are certainly becoming more creative as the summer develops, not sure if it is the fantastic weather or landlords keeping themselves hydrated.