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Choosing the Wrong A-Board could be Bad for Business

A-boards provide a cost-effective way to improve your visibility, draw attention to special promotions and deals that may attract those passing by your location. Making use of a poorly designed A-board, setting up signs that may impede the flow of foot traffic or impair visibility or create other inconveniences for the potential customers that you are attempting to attract could end up costing you far more than you might realize


Acrylic Leaflet Holders 3x Sizes - Assigns

Acrylic Leaflet & Brochure Holders: the simple solution

The decision about which holder you need really comes down to two elements: the design of your promotional materials and where it will be displayed. The acrylic leaflet and brochure holders on the market today come in so many different designs and styles that you will be sure to find one to meet your needs. You can even customize the holders if you feel one of the ready-made ones does not fit with your materials.


Image LED Lightbox for EE - Assigns

Bespoke LED Image Light Box created for EE communications

Assigns manufactured and installed this Bespoke Backlit Image LED Light Box solution for an EE communications store. Assigns light boxes are built to the highest standards with emphasis on light output and build quality. Available in standard and customised formats and sizes, they feature the latest electronic components to provide evenly spread illumination, helping you get your marketing messages across at any time of the day or night


Point of Sale Desplay Stands

Effective Point of Sale Display Stands : Type, Style, Graphics

Create an effective point of sale display stand that is unique and grabs the attention of buyers. In order to maximize a point of sale display stand to its fullest, here are some tips to consider to make it stand out with style.


Chalkboard A-Board for A1 Foamex Panel with Header

Bespoke A-Board Chalkboard with A1 Foamex Panel Header

Assigns has just developed for a customer a Chalkboard A-Board with a slot to allow a Foamex panel to be slid in-front of the chalkboard when necessary. It also has a header panel which will be sign-written in production


Stormforce Basic Pavement Sign - Green King

Stormforce Basic Pavement Sign at The Boot in Baldock

Our Stormforce Basic Pavement Sign at The Boot in Baldock is the highest quality sign of its type currently available. This pavement signs robust static top section and water filled base makes this sign durable and sturdy. A great value forecourt sign!


Light Boxes

Advantages of LED Light Boxes as a Business Signage Solution

Innovations in business signage found in LED light box solutions in the UK illustrates the close attention being given to ‘green’ advertising. If businesses are the best possible moniker for the price, the introduction of LED neon or fluorescent light signage boxes in the retail and other business sectors has advanced the competitive advantages sought in marketing


point-of-sale in store displays

Engaging Customers with Digital Retail: A Look at London Retail

As a leader in retail innovation, Eccomplshed sent a team of researchers to a select group of 40 leading retail stores along London’s Regent and Oxford Street to conduct surveys related to the stores’ signage, layout, use of interactive media, mobile interaction, and Wi-Fi.


Retail Point of Sale Displays - Assigns

Small Business & Retail Point of Sale Tips

While it may be expensive to compete with some of the larger brands when it comes to shelf space, point of sale displays are a great way to boost your revenues. That said, point of sale displays need to be unique and creatively planned so that they gain the attention of consumers, especially those who may not be specifically looking to purchase your products.


Interactive POS

The Age of Interactive Retail Displays

There is the move towards interactive retail displays from traditional bricks and mortar business