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Studies show LED Displays increase Customer Engagement

How effective are LED signs and other types of lighting when it comes to attracting customers? There were two separate studies that were conducted by Zumtobel. The first study was overseen by Professor Jan Ejhed, the head of the Lighting Laboratory at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology. The goal of the first study was to examine how much of a role lighting plays in determining a customer’s subjective preferences.


Which Retail Display System

Retail Displays: Open Sell and Try-Before-You-Buy

Perhaps the most popular of these models is the one known as “Open Sell.” The Open Sell model dictates that consumers should generally be left along as they shop, with retail sales associates coming to their side only if they require assistance with a product or if they have questions about how something works.


Successful retail business

Successful Retailers have Five things in Common

Whether you are a small mom-and-pop retail store or a large In-store and online retailer, it’s important to know what it takes to be successful with your retail business. While every retail business may vary, such as what they sell or who their target market is, there are certain key components that every successful retailer has in common.


Retail Displays

Retail Displays that Engage and Guide the Consumer

There isn’t a second chance to make a first impression. The same goes for retail displays. A consumer should be able to perceive the companies main intent of the display at first glance. That glance should entice the consumer to seek more information and ultimately result in a purchase. For this reason it is the retailers responsibility to have that information readily available.


Bespoke LED Light Boxes - Assigns

Advantages of LED Light Boxes in Advertising

If you’re looking for the best quality LED and fluorescent light boxes currently available, then you’ve come to the right place. Our light boxes are built to the highest standards with emphasis on light output and build quality. To find out more about the advantages of LED and fluorescent light boxes


Customised Pavement & Forecourt Signs Display solutions

Customised Pavement and Forecourt Sign Display Solution

Every once in a while a pavement or forecourt sign project comes up that demands a more specific solution; a project where even a modified standard product won’t quite hit the mark. Assigns can help you define a brief and specification, produce design concepts and prototypes and develop a display solution that meets all of your requirements.


Bespoke graphic display systems

Customised Retail Graphic Display Solutions

Sometimes you know what you need, but you just can’t seem to find the right graphic Display. It’s frustrating isn’t it? A product that is almost perfect: if only it was slightly bigger, a different colour or had a way of showing off your Branding… Well this is where Assigns can help.


New Assigns product catalogue

Our New Brochures are Coming SOON

Our Brand new Brochures are Coming Soon. Why not pre-order our fantastic Products Catalogue featuring lots of New Items or the New and exciting Customised Brochure? Be the first to receive yours Hot off the Press!


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Retail Stores fighting back With Digital Point-of-Sale

The definition of Point-of-Sale has just expanded. If retailers are in the market for point-of-sale optimisation, recent innovations in next gen technologies and new marketing concepts are about to advance the way shop owners do business. Competitive advantage in e-Commerce has had a significant impact on market segmentation. Traditional retailers are facing more challenges ahead with the introduction of Point-of-Sale concepts such as paying with a Tweet.


A-Board in the NEC

New A-Board for Wetherspoons, Birmingham NEC

Assigns manufactures and designs A-Boards exclusively for Wetherspoon pubs, but it is always a joy to see one of our A-Boards standing proudly outside a new property. Although bespoke, this A-Board is based on Assigns Traditional Snap Frame A-Board, designed to take a 2mm foamex printed poster.